4dm is an Australian based engineering consultancy providing services in the specialist field of simulation and modelling.  Since 1996 we have been building analysis models for industrial processes spanning the Mining sector, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing and Primary Production.

Using proprietary algorithms developed inhouse over the past 20 years, and industry standard analysis tools, 4dm is uniquely placed to tackle the most technically challenging simulation projects.

Projects are delivered on time, under budget and to satisfied clients.

Our clients are spread across Australia and some of SE Asia, so wherever you are, we’re happy to help.  We can work from your premises or ours, or a little of both.

We’d usually provide clients a project proposal that involves several stages of work and a budget estimate for cost and timing.  The first stage is to properly define the scope for the analysis, and fix the cost and timing against that scope.  Following stages are data gathering, model construction, model runs and reporting.

Video animations of the models running can be supplied to assist you with communicating the concept through your organisation, these can include titles and narration as needed.

For further information please call, or use the “enquire” page.






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